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Research Quality Association (RQA)

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The Research Quality Association (RQA) is a professional membership body dedicated to informing and advancing its Members with around 2,300 Members from 60 countries across the globe. We provide status and visibility for individuals engaged in the quality of research concerning pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and Medical Devices. Since our inception in 1977, the Association has increased and evolved to reflect regulatory changes, the impact of regulatory inspection and the ever-changing structure and needs of industry.
Driving quality and integrity in scientific research.
•   To develop and promote quality standards in scientific research
•   To facilitate knowledge sharing and transfer through:
- Discussion
- Training
- Seminars
- Conferences
- Publications
- Partnership and cooperation
• To liaise with regulatory agencies in the development and interpretation of regulations and guidance
Our Constituency
RQA membership comprises:
  • Quality and research professionals including directors, managers, scientists, auditors and other practitioners worldwide.
  • Practitioners concerned with the quality and compliance of research with a particular focus on the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, biologicals, devices, agrochemicals food and chemicals in man, animals and the environment.
  • Members come from regulated or non-regulated, commercial or non-commercial environments.
Association Committees
•   Animal Veterinary Products
•   DIGIT (Computing)
•   Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
•   Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
•   Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
•   Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (PV)
•   Medical Devices
•   Global Engagement
These Committees are the focal points for gathering information, organising and contributing to conferences, seminars, forums, courses and publications and working with government and with other professional bodies when appropriate.