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Prelude Dynamics

Prelude Dynamics is a global provider of innovative software for conducting both
human and veterinary clinical trials. Prelude’s VISION™ software system, the only
Clinical Trial Optimization Platform (CTOP) available in the industry, takes EDC to
the next level by supporting a continuum of study development options from do-ityourself to full-service custom study builds.

Prelude’s VISION™ system contains built-in functionality that ensures data
integrity, streamlines study monitoring and accelerates the submission process.
This validated suite of fully-integrated features reduces errors, supports risk-based
monitoring and includes:
• Table-based or just-in-time randomization
• Automated lab data processing through integration with partners such as IDEXX
• A robust set of search, ad-hoc reports, statistics and graph generation tools
• Inventory management and drug reconciliation
• Query initiation and resolution
• Automated notifications of key events
• 24/7 Data Export capabilities

VISION’s Composer tool, built upon the powerful VISION™ software, provides a
drag-and-drop interface for designing patient and site forms that’s powerful yet
intuitive and easy to learn. Composer’s form library management allows re-use
across studies and significantly reduces study development time. Composer
studies can easily be converted to custom-built studies when initial trial results and
budgets allow.

Prelude has been used for notable global registries such as the Great Ape Heart
Health Project sponsored by the Atlanta Zoo; and highly complex studies such
as Johns Hopkins’ MISTIE/CLEAR intracerebral and intraventricular hemorrhage